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I want to be wanted | Savannah Boudoir Photographer

April 19, 2018

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*Originally published on June 19, 2013 when we first moved to Virginia. We now live in Savannah, GA.*

It’s official.  We live in Virginia.  After five days of driving and a short visit with my in-laws, we made it to Chester, Virginia in one piece.  Driving for eight hours each day allows you to think…and I thought about all the packing that we did.  Packing forces you to go through all the little corners of your house, and inevitably your life.  Everything you look through has to do with the life you’ve lived so far.  All the papers you sort through, the cards, the notes…they are all memories of a relationship or a time in your life.  Some things that you may find might not have meaning til later on…until you grow, until you experience.  

On the day of my bridal shower, my sister planned an activity.  Everyone but myself was given a marker and an index card.  They were to write down a piece of advice about love and marriage.  After a few minutes of pondering and writing, all the index cards were placed in a small, pretty box.  I was given this box full of knowledge and encouragement, and I was to look through it during those tough days.  Through our next two moves, this box traveled around with us and ended up in a big tupperware box.  As we were packing up the house this time around, I sat on our cold garage floor and sifted through our stuff.  I noticed the little, delicate box and removed the lid.  I immediately recognized the cards and was taken back to that day in 2009.
Never go to bed angry.
Always remember what made you fall in love with one another. 
Make each other laugh every day.
I stopped when I got to the next card.  It was my mom’s handwriting.  This.  This is where I get it from.  It’s in my blood.  I traced my finger over her words because they are SO real to me.  She wrote…
Being desired is the most important!  Desire each other!!!
I could not agree more.  Sure, trust and honesty are important, but I want to be wanted.  Desire me.  Chase me.  Think about me.  Lust after me.  And show me.  Because that’s what I’ll do for you.
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  1. JMFC says:

    At first I thought that you wrote that card- your handwriting looks so much like your mom's! I can't remember what I wrote… I wonder if it was good advice? haha. But this is so true.

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