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Ivona Dixon

I can see why he wants you | Savannah Boudoir Photography

May 17, 2018

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Women are instinctively beautiful creatures. And men can’t help but love us for it. The curve of our hips, the way our hair falls across our face, at just the right moment. The lustiness of bedroom eyes. Our seductive powers are subtle. Even small things like full lips, slightly parted when we breathe, can draw our partners into us. More powerful imagery – linens draped against moist skin, defining the depths of your passion – can be simply intoxicating.

…full lips, slightly parted when we breathe, can draw our partners into us…

As a woman who is always in control, this is your chance to unwind and let your hair down. You already have strength in your soul and confidence in your being. I can help you surrender to yourself, even if only for a short time. Because I’ve learned to see you the way he sees you, I can show you the spicy, warm center that lives at the core of you. Let go of the many roles you play in your daily life and expose the provocateur that comes out only in the most intimate times. Discover yourself in a way he can see it, too.

Boudoir Photography Richmond, VA – Sexy Photos

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