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Stripped | Savannah Boudoir Photographer

June 1, 2018

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She took off her clothes and stepped in front of my camera.  Julie was stripped of everything.  She has been dealing with health issues for over two years now.  She went from being a top consultant in her industry to being poked, prodded and laid up in bed.  On top of that, her three year relationship came to an end.  With all her emotions out there, it’s as if she undressed and said, “Here I am.  This is me.”  Love me or leave me.  Lucky for her…and for us, we love Julie.  This woman is the strongest person I know.  To go from 200 mph every day to a full stop…this takes an incredible amount of mental and emotional strength.  The thing that blows my mind even more is that she’s thriving.  Her health is gradually getting better, but the real success is in her spirit.  She has wrapped her whole mind, body and life around staying positive and doing things to better herself and her situation.  She’s been an inspiration to me and many others.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have her as my best friend.

Now that a little time has passed since her photo shoot, I wanted to ask Jules about her experience…


“Since getting out of a relationship, I felt kind of down about myself…and having my health issues, I was kind of thinking it’s going to be so long before anyone would want to date me.  I was nervous and worried that I’d be awkward and not know what to do.  You made the whole experience effortless, so comfortable and fun.  I feel that as we went through the photo shoot, it made me feel so much more confident in myself and as a woman.  I felt pretty bad-ass.  I’m pretty sexy and I love it.”



“I always knew I wanted to do a shoot for my future husband, but I never thought about doing it for ME.  I thought it was silly that I was taking these pictures and wasn’t intending to give them to anyone.  I’m so glad that I did do it for myself.  As women, we criticize our bodies-wishing we were thinner, that we had longer legs, longer eye lashes, etc.  I’m self-conscious about my scars and injection bruises.  Doing this shoot for myself, and not for someone else, made me look past those scars, all my bruises, all my anxieties–and by the end, I was rolling around naked in the bed sheets, ready to go for another three hours.”  She laughs. (Nakedness not shown in this blog post, haha.)
Did anything change after the shoot?
“I felt so confident after the shoot.  When you sent me the video of my pictures, I was blown away.  I couldn’t believe that was me!  I look sexy!  I started feeling better about myself, my health issues and the end of my relationship.  And I can’t believe I actually did it…


…I was always scared to do a shoot like that because I feel like I am sexual in private, and this is bringing it out into the open.  It’s so empowering.”

She will take on the world.

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