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Ivona Dixon

About Me

March 18, 2013

Thank you for visiting my blog and website.

I Believe

…the boudoir is the most powerful place to be truly provocative.

…in showing off confidence the same way you would a great pair of jeans.

…mystery is an essential ingredient in sexiness.

…that twirling your hair turbocharges looking him straight in the eyes.

…the big spoon can also be the little spoon.

…that women must be seen by our partners with irrationally romantic eyes.

…in being over-dressed… especially when you’re undressed.

…in letting your hair not just down, but All. The. Way. Down.

…white linens clinging to damp skin is the sexiest Saturday morning outfit.

IG is where I feature work and dish out some food for thought inspired by all of you! Check out my insta-stories to get to know me a bit more.