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How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do? I came across this question the other day. It’s powerful, right? It immediately makes me sit up straighter and want to be ON IT! … This is all about being extremely focused and intentional about the things we want […]

There’s something stirring inside of me that I can’t let go of. So I’m going to follow it. I want to photograph couples on the beach. I want it to be intimate and sexy. I want it to be messy with the sand. I want the waves to crash against your legs as you hold […]

One of the best compliments I have ever received came from a friend who told me, “I’m quite envious of how well you walk the line of motherhood and womanhood.” She was someone who I admired so much for her charisma and womanliness. I was instantly attracted to her the first time we met. She […]

She took off her clothes and stepped in front of my camera.  Julie was stripped of everything.  She has been dealing with health issues for over two years now.  She went from being a top consultant in her industry to being poked, prodded and laid up in bed.  On top of that, her three year […]

Women are instinctively beautiful creatures. And men can’t help but love us for it. The curve of our hips, the way our hair falls across our face, at just the right moment. The lustiness of bedroom eyes. Our seductive powers are subtle. Even small things like full lips, slightly parted when we breathe, can draw […]

*Originally published on June 19, 2013 when we first moved to Virginia. We now live in Savannah, GA.* It’s official.  We live in Virginia.  After five days of driving and a short visit with my in-laws, we made it to Chester, Virginia in one piece.  Driving for eight hours each day allows you to think…and […]

*This blog post was originally published 1/27/14. Since re-launching my boudoir business in Savannah, GA, I wanted to include it and slightly update it.* Something happens when you get married.  I’m not even sure that it’s so much a “married” thing, as much as it is becoming a woman thing.  And when I say “becoming […]

“It was so nice to be able to feel openly sexy,” she says.  “…And every time I see my album or wall canvas, it reminds me of that.  It can turn a blah day into a confident, sexy day.”  I loved getting to know Julie.  When she and I were first planning her boudoir shoot, […]

When M. first contacted me, it was very clear that this was a secret mission.  Her 10-year anniversary was coming up, and her husband was about to be blown away. Although she says she was nervous, M. carries with her an unshakeable confidence.  She is a woman who knows what she wants.  And gets it. […]

Tri-athlete. Retiring at 48. Best shape of her life. 29th Anniversary. Vow renewals. These are the notes I took when I first spoke with G.  It was all I needed to know that this lady was going to be an amazing client.  To me, it said, She’s on it.  She’s on top of her game. […]

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