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  During my United Conference last week, there were a ton of shoot-outs.  Of course, I signed up for “beach boudoir.”  I had never photographed boudoir on the beach before, but I think I might be obsessed with it now.  As you may or may not know, I looove the beach.  I’ve always lived close […]

Good morning, lovely friends!  Here’s a short video blog about my time at United 2013.  It was amazing, and I hope to go again next year!  Happy Monday!

I adore L.’s boudoir shoot!  I’ve known L for maybe a year, and I was so happy when she decided to schedule a boudoir shoot with me.  This woman is beaaauuutiful.  I learned her background is Italian and Filipino…hence, her gorgeous skin and pretty pretty features.  I got to try out some new poses with her […]

I had such a fun time with G!  We totally clicked and I’m not-so-secretly hoping that I run into her at Hoppy Monk one night!  G. came over to the studio after catching a few zzz’s after her night shift.  With her hair already styled and ready, my make-up artist enhanced her eyes and pout, […]

In a morning conversation with some friends, a discussion came up, “describe what you feel like your images convey or what you want your clients to feel on your site.”  Pretty intense for 8 AM, I know.  It’s an important thing to know and be aware of.  So, I hope, for you, my client, that […]

I believe the decolletage of a woman is extremely sexy…from the neck to the dips of her collar bone and down to her cleavage.   I love this series!   pouty lips…  

You look better than you think you do.  Really, you do.  We, as women, are our own harshest critics.  We typically do not give ourselves a fair chance when it comes to our bodies.  We would change our thighs and our stomach and oh yeah, maybe our wrists, too.  (We can be a bit extreme […]

Confident.  Strong.  Fun.  Healthy.  Loving. I’ve known K. for a few years, and I’m so happy she decided to do a boudoir shoot with me!  I have to say, I admire so many qualities about her.  She’s a wonderful mom to her children, she treats her body well, and mostly, I can tell that she […]

Growing up, I feel like I wasn’t raised around the happiest of couples.  One was always complaining about the other or there were always little jabs.  Sadly, I got used to it, and frankly, marriage got a bad rep in my mind.  I can only think of one married couple that I thought were perfect […]

I had so much fun with D. during her boudoir shoot.  She brought along her best friend, and we had lots of fun “girl-talk” time while taking photos of D.  The photo shoot was very relaxed, as it usually is. I get to learn all about you…where you’re from, how you met your significant other, […]

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