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How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do? I came across this question the other day. It’s powerful, right? It immediately makes me sit up straighter and want to be ON IT! … This is all about being extremely focused and intentional about the things we want […]

*Originally published in 2013. As I’m re-launching my boudoir photography business now that we live in Savannah, GA, it’s been especially fun to see how much we have grown as individuals and as a couple since this post.* Brad.  Day in and day out, he’s the one I’m with the most.  The one I share […]

I’m ten years old.  I’m sitting on the floor of our living room watching my mom hold my sister as they both cry.  In between sobs, my sister tells us how badly she feels about herself and her body.  We had just finished watching Oprah.  It’s what we did together, the three of us.  The […]

The first time I saw my name in print was in high school.  Our local newspaper covered high school sports, and the wins and losses were announced for tennis matches each week (unfortunately more losses than wins in my case).  Then as a senior, I wrote for the Ewing Observer covering local events. It’s always […]

The best compliment from my husband, that I’ll never forget.  It was during our engagement.  We were hanging out with some college friends, and Sheila said to me, “He said you’re his dream girl.”   I have never let this compliment go over the past four years.  It’s my favorite one that I always think […]

*This post was originally published on March 22, 2013.* Huge.  That’s the word that instantly comes to mind when I think of this past year.  Becoming a mom was huge, along with all the adventures of life that I experienced.  And it was also a huge year for my inner person.  I’m a strong believer […]

I had a bride come in for a boudoir shoot this past Friday.  She’s getting married in June, and naturally, we talked about her wedding and her fiance.  I asked her, “do you think your relationship will feel any different?”  I’m always excited for brides and for marriage, so I shared my experience with her. […]

Good morning, lovely friends!  Here’s a short video blog about my time at United 2013.  It was amazing, and I hope to go again next year!  Happy Monday!

Growing up, I feel like I wasn’t raised around the happiest of couples.  One was always complaining about the other or there were always little jabs.  Sadly, I got used to it, and frankly, marriage got a bad rep in my mind.  I can only think of one married couple that I thought were perfect […]

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