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*All photos posted with client’s permission.* I adored spending time with J. while I was photographing her.  She’s a beautiful German woman who did her photo shoot not only for herself, but also as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend.  She works here in the U.S., and only gets to see her boyfriend a few times […]

I had no idea what to expect.  I came prepared with a tripod…because it seemed like the “journalistic” thing to do and a telephoto lens (thank you Dan and Kristin!) that was way to heavy for my little biceps (thank you tripod!).  The huuuuge Air Force One rolled slowly towards the media, soldiers and families […]

In my one month and almost two weeks since arriving at our first duty station, Army Life has proven to be very interesting.-In many ways! There are many pros and cons to this crazy Army Life, but every day, I make the choice to focus on the positive…as that is just how I prefer EVERYTHING! […]

*Another post in an effort to put a little more info. out there about Army livin’… Before coming to Fort Bliss, or which ever post we would be stationed at, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m very thankful to have been surprised by all the things to do! Last weekend, Brad and I […]

Our preference list? Six top choices? We had no idea what to write down…and the conversation (that seems like forever ago…maybe 1.5 years ago?) went a little like this… -Well, what are our choices? -Fort Polk, Louisiana…Fort Sill, Oklahoma…Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky…(No offense. Hey! I lived in West Virginia the past six years of my […]

Last Wednesday, my babe and about 111 other JAG (Judge Advocate General) Officers graduated from the Charlottesville phase of their training.  This was the part of training where they learned about military law, kind of like law school-round 2…bless their hearts!  After I graduated from undergrad, I said enough is enough!  Kudos to you all! […]

It’s only January 22nd, and we (Brad and I) already have so much on our plate for 2010…and I’m so psyched for all of it!  I’m not sure if I’ve announced it to you, but we will be moving to El Paso, Texas!  My DH (Dear Husband) is in the Army so our first duty […]

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