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I can’t believe how fast these past 11 weeks have flown by…and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA from my own blog!  I had realistic expectations that the little one would take up all my time, and I proved myself right! =) I know I’ve already forgotten so many little details about his birthday, so I […]

Baby Riley.  The little brother to two older brothers.  The little blessing to two wonderful parents. I was so happy to hear from K. when she asked me to come photograph her third son.  At 8 days old, he was a complete joy.  So satisfied and content.  Maybe a little “wah wah” when he was […]

We couldn’t have gotten any luckier when the Clark’s joined us at Fort Bliss almost exactly a year ago.  We’ve become such good friends, and it’s been fun to watch them welcome their second daughter into the world and watch the older sister grow into a very independent little girl. We recently took some time […]

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by a great community of photographers.  No matter where I’ve been, and where I’ll go, I’m confident that I’ll always find “my people” to connect with and encourage each other.  WHen I lived in Morgantown, WV, I traveled to Pittsburgh constantly for the get-togethers and to assist under […]

As I was going through the photos from the H. Family’s photo shoot, I couldn’t help but smile.  Avery plays her role as big sister perfectly.  She wants things when she wants ’em and no one’s going to stop her.  And then there’s her little brother Graham, happy as can be.  You won’t share your […]

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Baby Ethan’s sweet baby chub and squishy lips!  At seven weeks old, he had just enough sweet rolls to make me melt.  And although I love all the details of little baby parts, I have to say the thing that always gets me is their heavenly baby scent! […]

The focus of my business has changed a lot since I started my business three years ago.  I am now completely focused on my boudoir clients, and this is due in large part to me following my heart!  It’s where my heart dances and sings and grows.  I wanted to let you all know that […]

When I saw the bit of light streaming through the narrow window, I instantly imagined Baby Ava’s sweet chubby legs “dancing” on the cherry wood floors.  Her mom had brought along the most perfect tutu, and I thought, this image has to be created… Just a little something sweet for your Monday… For more information […]

There’s nothing better than being asked by a client to come back and take more photos!  This time, it was Chloe’s first Christmas photos with her family.  I first photographed Chloe in September, and she made me melt!  Such a sweet baby…  Chloe was just as perfect this time around. The highlight for me was […]

My husband and I met Angie and Julian when we first moved to El Paso last June.  (They actually live three houses down from us!)  Over the past year and half that we’ve known them, we’ve had lots of great times becoming good neighbors and even better friends.  You can imagine my excitement when Angie […]

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