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Women are instinctively beautiful creatures. And men can’t help but love us for it. The curve of our hips, the way our hair falls across our face, at just the right moment. The lustiness of bedroom eyes. Our seductive powers are subtle. Even small things like full lips, slightly parted when we breathe, can draw […]

“It was so nice to be able to feel openly sexy,” she says.  “…And every time I see my album or wall canvas, it reminds me of that.  It can turn a blah day into a confident, sexy day.”  I loved getting to know Julie.  When she and I were first planning her boudoir shoot, […]

There’s power in every woman.  It’s a confidence that comes from within.  And I believe it should be shown off the same way you would a great pair of jeans.  Walk tall, chest out, head held high.  Look people in the eye and be heard…even if you’re not saying anything out loud.  Confidence is the […]

She was on a journey of self-improvement.  The time had come and she was working out, eating healthy, and putting herself first.  Sarah had just started on her fitness, and her husband asked her to go for a run.  He took her up a hard path.  It was one that she wasn’t prepared for, and […]

I had a bride come in for a boudoir shoot this past Friday.  She’s getting married in June, and naturally, we talked about her wedding and her fiance.  I asked her, “do you think your relationship will feel any different?”  I’m always excited for brides and for marriage, so I shared my experience with her. […]

  During my United Conference last week, there were a ton of shoot-outs.  Of course, I signed up for “beach boudoir.”  I had never photographed boudoir on the beach before, but I think I might be obsessed with it now.  As you may or may not know, I looove the beach.  I’ve always lived close […]

I believe the decolletage of a woman is extremely sexy…from the neck to the dips of her collar bone and down to her cleavage.   I love this series!   pouty lips…  

Confident.  Strong.  Fun.  Healthy.  Loving. I’ve known K. for a few years, and I’m so happy she decided to do a boudoir shoot with me!  I have to say, I admire so many qualities about her.  She’s a wonderful mom to her children, she treats her body well, and mostly, I can tell that she […]

I had so much fun with D. during her boudoir shoot.  She brought along her best friend, and we had lots of fun “girl-talk” time while taking photos of D.  The photo shoot was very relaxed, as it usually is. I get to learn all about you…where you’re from, how you met your significant other, […]

*All photos posted with client’s permission.* I adored spending time with J. while I was photographing her.  She’s a beautiful German woman who did her photo shoot not only for herself, but also as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend.  She works here in the U.S., and only gets to see her boyfriend a few times […]

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