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I can’t believe how fast these past 11 weeks have flown by…and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA from my own blog!  I had realistic expectations that the little one would take up all my time, and I proved myself right! =) I know I’ve already forgotten so many little details about his birthday, so I […]

*All photos posted with client’s permission.* If you take away the “mom” status, the to-do lists for her own photography business, and the lovely chaos of her daily life, you’ll find a very powerful and sexy woman.  One who takes care of herself and her marriage.  A woman who appreciates intimacy in her relationship, along with […]

We couldn’t have gotten any luckier when the Clark’s joined us at Fort Bliss almost exactly a year ago.  We’ve become such good friends, and it’s been fun to watch them welcome their second daughter into the world and watch the older sister grow into a very independent little girl. We recently took some time […]

As I was going through the photos from the H. Family’s photo shoot, I couldn’t help but smile.  Avery plays her role as big sister perfectly.  She wants things when she wants ’em and no one’s going to stop her.  And then there’s her little brother Graham, happy as can be.  You won’t share your […]

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Baby Ethan’s sweet baby chub and squishy lips!  At seven weeks old, he had just enough sweet rolls to make me melt.  And although I love all the details of little baby parts, I have to say the thing that always gets me is their heavenly baby scent! […]

It’s already inside you…the sexy little tiger that you are!  You can’t deny that-we all have it in us!  When you come in for your boudoir shoot, what happens is we lure that tiger out and release it into the wild!  That sounds a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean.  I want that […]

*All photos posted with Client’s permission.* “So what’s a boudoir shoot like?  What happens?”  I have friends ask me these questions, and in all honesty, I could talk about boudoir for hours on end, but to keep it (semi) short and sweet, I thought I’d focus on the types of photos I take during your […]

*All photos posted with client’s permission.*   She is Sandi with an “i,” and she came into my studio ready to go for her boudoir photo shoot!  One thing that immediately stood out for me with Sandi was the love that she has for her husband, and the youthfulness/freedom that she exudes just by being […]

Trinady first contacted me while she was in Afghanistan on a deployment.  She seemed very eager to do a boudoir shoot from her emails, so I was very much looking forward to meeting her and hearing her story.  When we first started T’s photo shoot, she told me that as soon as she had come […]

**All photos posted with client’s permission.** Cute and sexy J. came to me just a few days before Valentines’ Day.  “Is there any way you can fit me in?”  It was five days before Valentines’ Day.  Fiiiive.  five days to do her photo shoot, edit her choices and create her boudoir album…and deliver it.  But […]

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