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I’m convinced!  El Paso has some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Lucky for me, I get to meet them in my boudoir studio!  The thing is, these women are not just beautiful and sexy, but they have a “sass” about them, a confidence that allows them to fully […]

There’s nothing better than being asked by a client to come back and take more photos!  This time, it was Chloe’s first Christmas photos with her family.  I first photographed Chloe in September, and she made me melt!  Such a sweet baby…  Chloe was just as perfect this time around. The highlight for me was […]

*All photos posted with client’s permission*  warning: very risque! “Believe me! the photo shoot is on my mind every day and I am totally excited about it!  Can’t wait to meet you!!”  When I sent S. a confirmation e-mail a few days prior to her boudoir shoot, what I received in return was enthusiasm and […]

My husband and I met Angie and Julian when we first moved to El Paso last June.  (They actually live three houses down from us!)  Over the past year and half that we’ve known them, we’ve had lots of great times becoming good neighbors and even better friends.  You can imagine my excitement when Angie […]

He pointed to a painting of Michelangelo’s, “The Creation of Adam,” and said “this is important, if you can get it into the photo.”  Mo directed my attention, and I continued to shoot.  I didn’t know why it might be important until about 20 minutes later when Mo and Jackie were exchanging heartfelt messages to […]

I love to photograph babies.  Each one has their own personality, especially once they reach about three months.  I’m sure it is just so much fun to watch your own child develop and observe their personality, whether they are mellow and observant, or lively and vibrant!  Such was the case for this very smiley 6-month […]

**Photos posted with client’s permission** “What should I bring?” I get this question all the time from my boudoir clients.  I always appreciate it when you bring your favorite bra and panty set, some lingerie and the traditional sexy things, but there’s a lot that I can do with “props” that mean a lot to […]

Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve gotten permission from a client to post boudoir photos!  But alas, lovely N. is willing to share her sexyness with all of us!  N. came in to do her boudoir shoot so that should could give the boudoir album to her husband on their wedding day.  And they […]

Little Miss Janiyah.  From this slide to that swing.  From this tree to chasing after the little boy.  She knows what she wants, and no one’s going to stop her…all in her little black boots. I got to meet Janiyah and her parents by being referred from a past client (love that!).  We headed over […]

Sweet Baby Chloe was so much fun to photograph!  Through the laughs, smiles, a few tears and lots of hugs from her Mom, Chloe was a perfect lil’ baby model.   One thing is for sure, I will always love to photograph babies!  They are just sooo adorable…  I can barely handle her cuteness… Look […]

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