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It is my personal thought that every woman wants to feel like a woman.  She wants a strong man by her side…someone who puts his arms around her and she can let out a sigh of relief and comfort knowing that he’s going to protect her and hold her close for the rest of their […]

Caitlin and Wayne hold a special place in my heart…and many of my childhood memories.  When we moved from Poland to New Jersey when I was five, we moved in next door to a family that had three little boys, Wayne was the oldest.  The days were spent climbing trees and the nights catching fire […]

Good morning!  I recently posted “Dayna and Ben’s Sneak Peek.”  I finished up their personalized and customized +Site a few days ago and wanted to share it with you all!   A quick word about these sites.  For my own website, I use ShowIt.  ShowIt has amazing people working for them who continue to push the […]

Sometimes you just know…just like Dayna and Ben.  They met at an internship and were paired to work side by side.  It wasn’t until Ben had to travel for work that their relationship began growing strong and deep.  So much so, that although they only spent 27 days together in their first nine months of […]

Last Monday I spent some time with lovebirds Gina and Ralph in Long Branch, NJ.  We had a lovely time hanging out on the beach!  I knew that Gina and Ralph were a great looking couple, but they are soooo photogenic.  The more time I spend with their photos, the more I love them!  These […]

Life has been busy busy busy!  I just got back from Jersey yesterday where I was celebrating my bridal shower and bachelorette parties (that’ll get another post).  However, while I was there, I also got to shoot an engagement session for Gina and Ralph!   Gina and I went to Ewing High together, and when […]

I recently had the pleasure of meeting musicians and fiances, Molly and Simon!  Simon proposed to Molly a year ago at the Ruby McQuain Amphitheater here in Morgantown.  We met up at the location for an engagement session.  Here are some photos from the day.   I like this first series of photos…very real… Molly […]

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