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We couldn’t have gotten any luckier when the Clark’s joined us at Fort Bliss almost exactly a year ago.  We’ve become such good friends, and it’s been fun to watch them welcome their second daughter into the world and watch the older sister grow into a very independent little girl. We recently took some time […]

As I was going through the photos from the H. Family’s photo shoot, I couldn’t help but smile.  Avery plays her role as big sister perfectly.  She wants things when she wants ’em and no one’s going to stop her.  And then there’s her little brother Graham, happy as can be.  You won’t share your […]

The focus of my business has changed a lot since I started my business three years ago.  I am now completely focused on my boudoir clients, and this is due in large part to me following my heart!  It’s where my heart dances and sings and grows.  I wanted to let you all know that […]

There’s nothing better than being asked by a client to come back and take more photos!  This time, it was Chloe’s first Christmas photos with her family.  I first photographed Chloe in September, and she made me melt!  Such a sweet baby…  Chloe was just as perfect this time around. The highlight for me was […]

Baby Luca… with his pouty little lips and black hair so long it comes over his ears… with cheeks so chubby and sweet, that nestle in comfortably against his shoulder… and with his loving mom and dad and now a big brother, all so excited to finally have him here!    The P. Family is […]

Little Miss Janiyah.  From this slide to that swing.  From this tree to chasing after the little boy.  She knows what she wants, and no one’s going to stop her…all in her little black boots. I got to meet Janiyah and her parents by being referred from a past client (love that!).  We headed over […]

I wanted to share some photos from a recent family photo shoot!  Baby J was already at three months, so we scheduled a photo shoot asap to get some of those adorable baby rolls and squishy baby lips!    love these candids…  This was when Baby J. eyes were starting to get heavy…I thought it […]

Sugar and spice and everything nice…that’s what little girls are made of…  This held very true for Reilly and the way she would cling onto her mother’s arm and look into my lens ever so thoughtfully.  It warmed my heart to see such a sweet mother daughter bond, and Norma’s eyes and smile told me […]

My favorite thing about family photo shoots is story-telling through the photos.  It’s easy to see a mother’s excitement and a father’s care and pride.  A child’s smile and laughter makes us feel like, we too, want to be that little again. With her mom and dad beside her, one-year old Harper has it all… […]

“What are these????”  Cuteness that I can barely handle… I posted a few photos from Baby Dominic’s photo session earlier in the YEAR (haha!…sorry, couldn’t help my corny-ness) and a little part of me melts when I see these two photos so I thought I’d share.  I also finished up Baby’s website a few days […]

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