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Little Miss Janiyah.  From this slide to that swing.  From this tree to chasing after the little boy.  She knows what she wants, and no one’s going to stop her…all in her little black boots. I got to meet Janiyah and her parents by being referred from a past client (love that!).  We headed over […]

Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge! The holiday products I’ll have available for purchase are prints, personalized holiday cards with your photo, boutique frames,  and canvases.  Specialty products available upon request.  All products will be delivered before Thanksgiving.  This holiday special is for one day only-Contact me to reserve your time slot at  Your […]

So I’ve done the equivalent of rolling up a piece of paper into a ball and throwing it in the direction of the garbage can about 5 times now.  I’m having trouble writing this blog post, so I’m just going to keep it simple.  I’ve been having “motivational” issues this past week, and instead of […]

*Another post in an effort to put a little more info. out there about Army livin’… Before coming to Fort Bliss, or which ever post we would be stationed at, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m very thankful to have been surprised by all the things to do! Last weekend, Brad and I […]

Our preference list? Six top choices? We had no idea what to write down…and the conversation (that seems like forever ago…maybe 1.5 years ago?) went a little like this… -Well, what are our choices? -Fort Polk, Louisiana…Fort Sill, Oklahoma…Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky…(No offense. Hey! I lived in West Virginia the past six years of my […]

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