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Cheers to Morgantown… for the ultimate college experience… for some of the most fun I’ve ever had, that I never want to have again… for giving me very exciting and great friends… for the start of Photography by Ivona, LLC… for the perfect clients who helped me get my start and build my portfolio… for […]

“I guess I’ll have milk instead…”  That’s what little Miss Eva told her dad when he broke the news that they were out of apple juice.  Eva and I were sitting in the kitchen “dinging” up the groceries we picked up in the living room/grocery store when her new brother Brody came back down stairs […]

My lovely friend, Maryn, is venturing into the wonderful world of wedding videography!  She has a true passion for filming and videography and has often volunteered her services for non-profit organizations.  The link below is to a wedding highlight video she has recently put together for a wedding she documented two years ago.  If you […]

I decided to try my hand at designing templates in photoshop, and I feel like a discovered some graphic design skills within myself.  Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I especially love these couple of birth announcements.  (Keep in mind these are mostly geared to a baby girl, but colors and […]

“Adorables,” as my sister would say. I can’t help myself.  I had to share this photo from my most recent newborn session.  It’s just too adorables. Have a beautiful weekend!  The sun is shining again!

I had the pleasure of photographing baby A. yesterday.  She is so precious with all her teeny tiny-ness!  Here are a few photos for now…Enjoy! I think the next one is my favorite!  I couldn’t help myself when I saw this tutu.  I’m glad I got it b/c those little feet popping out from underneath […]

I added the boudoir gallery to my website today!  I’m very excited!  The wedding season is only a few short months away, so if you are a bride or know someone who is, strap on those stilettos and have a boudoir session done!  It’s the perrrrfect gift for you husband-to-be.  I gave my groom a […]

*All images posted with client’s permission.* All I have to say is that I LOVE Boudoir Photography!  I’ve been running around my home all week announcing to my husband how “fan-tas-teek!” boudoir photography is in my weak French accent.  It is sooo fun and sexy and beautiful.  I love it.  I love how beautifully it […]

*All images posted with client’s permission.* I’m so ecstatic to finally offer Boudoir as one of my photographic services!  Since I began brainstorming about turning my love for photography into a business, I always knew that I wanted to photograph the beautifully intimate side of women. I always think of Christina Aguilera when I think […]

As with many of the photography events I attend, I may have won the award for “farthest traveler” last night.  Before I left Morgantown, I got my big purple bag ready…note pad, trusty pen that won’t run out of ink, my Canon (just in case!), and some Christmas bark that I made the other day. […]

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