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There’s something stirring inside of me that I can’t let go of. So I’m going to follow it. I want to photograph couples on the beach. I want it to be intimate and sexy. I want it to be messy with the sand. I want the waves to crash against your legs as you hold […]

*Originally published in 2013. As I’m re-launching my boudoir photography business now that we live in Savannah, GA, it’s been especially fun to see how much we have grown as individuals and as a couple since this post.* Brad.  Day in and day out, he’s the one I’m with the most.  The one I share […]

In a morning conversation with some friends, a discussion came up, “describe what you feel like your images convey or what you want your clients to feel on your site.”  Pretty intense for 8 AM, I know.  It’s an important thing to know and be aware of.  So, I hope, for you, my client, that […]

Lots of boudoir albums have been making their way into the hands of my client’s husbands lately, so I thought I’d share a few photos of what to expect in your final product! This is the Boudoir Album that I offer.  It is 5×7 and holds 20 images.  These albums are also available in larger […]

The focus of my business has changed a lot since I started my business three years ago.  I am now completely focused on my boudoir clients, and this is due in large part to me following my heart!  It’s where my heart dances and sings and grows.  I wanted to let you all know that […]

*All photos posted with Client’s permission.* “So what’s a boudoir shoot like?  What happens?”  I have friends ask me these questions, and in all honesty, I could talk about boudoir for hours on end, but to keep it (semi) short and sweet, I thought I’d focus on the types of photos I take during your […]

We waited out the rain and chased the sun before it disappeared below the horizon.  We talked about the photography industry, business and our personal lives.  We made a changing room out of her car, and when a truck started making its way up the dirt road towards us, we ran away like two little […]

An interesting thing happened today.   Next week, I have a photo shoot with the ever-amazing Kristen Swanson. I’ll be getting some promo photos taken for my website and blog–it’s time for an update!  I started thinking about it and planning for it today, and I began to get SO nervous.  What should I wear?  I […]

*Photos posted with client’s permission.* As a boudoir photographer, I get a lot of questions like… Isn’t it awkward? Are your clients always nervous?  How’s it work?  What’s a photo shoot like?  In a nutshell, I always feel very comfortable with each person who walks into my studio…and very often, I hear the same feedback […]

Good morning!  I recently posted “Dayna and Ben’s Sneak Peek.”  I finished up their personalized and customized +Site a few days ago and wanted to share it with you all!   A quick word about these sites.  For my own website, I use ShowIt.  ShowIt has amazing people working for them who continue to push the […]

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