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As with many of the photography events I attend, I may have won the award for “farthest traveler” last night.  Before I left Morgantown, I got my big purple bag ready…note pad, trusty pen that won’t run out of ink, my Canon (just in case!), and some Christmas bark that I made the other day. […]

I had the pleasure of second shooting for the very sweet Caryn Azure a few weeks ago.  She’s only the second photographer I’ve tagged along with, so it was fun to see how someone else worked a wedding.  A big thanks to Caryn! Onto some photos!  Jaime and Michael were married on October 17th at St. […]

Before I begin, I need to introduce Amanda Puhlman to everyone.  We met at WVU through my other girlfriends, Steph and Julie.  However, we don’t call her “Amanda.”  She’s “Puhlman” or “Puhl,” and she always will be!  Since she’s married Dave, I think we’ve all tried to call her “Carmichael” or “Puhl-Michael,” but to me […]

On Tuesday, July 28th I had the pleasure of photographing Tiffany and Brant’s wedding day!  Tiffany is a super-bride!  She planned their lovely Pittsburgh wedding during her lunch breaks and while traveling from Alabama to North Carolina and to Pittsburgh.  That’s wild!!! Tiffany and Brant vowed to love each other forever in the Outdoor Gardens […]

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