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I knew from Christine and Joe’s engagement session that they were a very sweet, affectionate and madly in love couple.  I was very much looking forward to their wedding, and it brought to light even more love and support than what I saw at our first meeting. At the L’Art Du Luxe Salon, all the […]

The sun was just starting to set as its rays peeked through the windows of the ballroom and sparkled off each glass.  The linens were untouched, and outside, a light breeze picked up as guests began to take their seats.  All eyes were on Cryztal as she made her way down the aisle, but the […]

In an effort to prepare myself and my business for the big move to El Paso, TX, I have been gathering information on other vendors in the area that I would like to meet.  In my google searches, I came across a wedding reception venue called El Paso Grace Gardens.  This venue looks so elegant […]

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