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I had so much fun with D. during her boudoir shoot.  She brought along her best friend, and we had lots of fun “girl-talk” time while taking photos of D.  The photo shoot was very relaxed, as it usually is. I get to learn all about you…where you’re from, how you met your significant other, […]

*All photos posted with client’s permission.* I adored spending time with J. while I was photographing her.  She’s a beautiful German woman who did her photo shoot not only for herself, but also as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend.  She works here in the U.S., and only gets to see her boyfriend a few times […]

*All photos posted with client’s permission.* V. came in for her boudoir photo shoot with a mix of nervousness and excitement.  She had recently lost weight, and wanted to celebrate her accomplishment.  Even so, she still didn’t fully believe what she saw in the mirror.  Her husband praises her inner and outer beauty, so I […]

I have recently had a few photographer-friends ask me, “how do you manage to re-start your business when you move?”  Long story short, I’ve maintained clients in WV, NJ and now El Paso, TX.  We will be moving again this coming summer, so I’ll be starting over one…more…time.  :::sigh:::  I’m tired just writing that.  But!, […]

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