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I believe the decolletage of a woman is extremely sexy…from the neck to the dips of her collar bone and down to her cleavage.   I love this series!   pouty lips…  

Confident.  Strong.  Fun.  Healthy.  Loving. I’ve known K. for a few years, and I’m so happy she decided to do a boudoir shoot with me!  I have to say, I admire so many qualities about her.  She’s a wonderful mom to her children, she treats her body well, and mostly, I can tell that she […]

I had so much fun with D. during her boudoir shoot.  She brought along her best friend, and we had lots of fun “girl-talk” time while taking photos of D.  The photo shoot was very relaxed, as it usually is. I get to learn all about you…where you’re from, how you met your significant other, […]

I’m so thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new website and brand messaging.  Since this past February, I’ve been working with the amazing and one-in-a-gazillion, Jeff Jochum, to figure out what makes me unique and happy.  It’s no doubt that I love and adore boudoir photography and working with my boudoir clients.  So […]

*All photos posted with client’s permission.* If you take away the “mom” status, the to-do lists for her own photography business, and the lovely chaos of her daily life, you’ll find a very powerful and sexy woman.  One who takes care of herself and her marriage.  A woman who appreciates intimacy in her relationship, along with […]

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