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He pointed to a painting of Michelangelo’s, “The Creation of Adam,” and said “this is important, if you can get it into the photo.”  Mo directed my attention, and I continued to shoot.  I didn’t know why it might be important until about 20 minutes later when Mo and Jackie were exchanging heartfelt messages to […]

Sugar Cookies wrapped with ivory ribbon.  the initials of each bridesmaid hand-stitched onto a handkerchief.  And Layla, Tara and Deric’s sweet pup, confused about all the hustle and bustle surrounding her that lovely afternoon. There was an air of eager excitement this past saturday at Tara + Deric’s home.  As one bridesmaid was walking through […]

He looks down the aisle with anticipation, as if he’s trying to see through the wooden church doors.  She’s led by her father around the corner, and finally a huge smile comes across his face.  Candace makes her way down the aisle in a wedding dress that fits her like a glove.  Each ruffle is adorned […]

The interviewer asks her if she thinks Alfred is cute, because all the girls think he’s cute.  I told him no!…I didn’t want him to think he was all that.  When Christina talks about how they met for the first time during her interview, she laughs.  And now, a few years later, when she’s asked […]

An interesting thing happened today.   Next week, I have a photo shoot with the ever-amazing Kristen Swanson. I’ll be getting some promo photos taken for my website and blog–it’s time for an update!  I started thinking about it and planning for it today, and I began to get SO nervous.  What should I wear?  I […]

I knew from Christine and Joe’s engagement session that they were a very sweet, affectionate and madly in love couple.  I was very much looking forward to their wedding, and it brought to light even more love and support than what I saw at our first meeting. At the L’Art Du Luxe Salon, all the […]

I typically begin a post about a couple by describing the day, along with the interactions and details that I observed.  I sit here stumped because although there was lots of love between Dayna and Ben, all I keep remembering about the day is how invited we felt.  (My second-shooter for the day was the […]

Since I woke up this morning, I’ve enthralled myself into the royal wedding, and so, I can’t help but blog about it! One thing is for sure…Kate looks absolutely stunning.  I loooove her wedding gown.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I hoped that she would choose something that showed off her little waist […]

It’s in the way he sweeps her hair out of her face, and gently kisses her shoulder.  She turns her face to look his way, only to find him already gazing at her.  And every time they stand close, he whispers something to her that makes her smile and laugh.  It’s because of couples like […]

Chills, up and down my arms… …”I believe that we deserve a Fairytale wedding because I found my princess and God gave us 4 wonderful kids. My girlfriend of 4 years and I are in the process of adopting 4 kids abandoned by their mom. We were once saving money for a wedding, but now […]

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