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Good morning!  I recently posted “Dayna and Ben’s Sneak Peek.”  I finished up their personalized and customized +Site a few days ago and wanted to share it with you all!   A quick word about these sites.  For my own website, I use ShowIt.  ShowIt has amazing people working for them who continue to push the […]

The sun was just starting to set as its rays peeked through the windows of the ballroom and sparkled off each glass.  The linens were untouched, and outside, a light breeze picked up as guests began to take their seats.  All eyes were on Cryztal as she made her way down the aisle, but the […]

Ericka and David fell in love nine years ago.  They’ve been through a lot together and it’s easy to see that they are meant to be.  With his arm around her shoulder, Ericka leans in and that’s when she looks the most peaceful and the happiest. Ericka and David celebrated their love while surrounded with […]

The front of the gated estate was filled with rich greenery.  It was a private event, and the sight of ivory white balloons dancing around the corner let me know that I was in the right place.  Each fork, napkin and champagne glass were in place.  Gold sashes were tied to chairs draped in white […]

The day could not have been more perfect for Emily and Tim.  With bright blue skies and apple green Nina heels, our bride and groom waltzed through Station Square as we snapped photos.  Emily created all the bright orange bouquets for her wedding day, wrapping her own bouquet in gorgeous white lace.  For the reception, we […]

I wanted to post a few more photos from a wedding that I shot with David Burke on May 1st.  Nadine and Jason left lots and lots of time to take fun wedding photos after their ceremony, which I always recommend!  Everyone has their own idea of their perfect day, but isn’t it great to […]

This week has been a bit hectic, but I thought I might as well take advantage of my 5am wake up and blog a little for my bloggy friends.  I’m in Harriburg for one of my sister’s friend’s wedding.  Nicole and Chad were married on 5/8/2010 after 11 years of courting! (yes,’s early, bear […]

Just a quick post! (b/c it’s 1 am and I need sleep)…David Burke brought me and Heather along to photograph Nadine and Jason’s wedding today! (errrr, yesterday, technically)  The two newlyweds are so adorable together, and here is one of my fave’s from the day!  Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

The other day, I looked down at my phone and the area code read 915.  Must be Texas, I thought.  And it was!  I answered the call and on the other line was John from Belle Magazine – El Paso’s Bridal and Quinceneara Magazine.  We had a great conversation about photography in El Paso, weddings and […]

When I was a bride, I wanted my wedding weekend to flow very smoothly.  I spent so much time making sure that the day was just perfect for me and Brad and that all of our guests would enjoy themselves.  I was actually telling my sister this past Easter weekend how I’m all about “the […]

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